Robot Repair Kit - Comprehensive set of robot repair tools

Save Time and Money by having a complete robot repair kit

GI Squared Technologies has put together a set of tools required to meet the majority of your robot repair needs. This kit will increase the number of repairs that your squad can make without having to send it back to the manufacturer. The adjustable lift and custom support blocks make it easy to access all necessary electronics and mechanical assemblies. A large assortment of hand tools allows you to have the right tool to properly make a repair.


Key Features

-Hydraulic Lift Table

-SAE / Metric Wrenches

-SAE / Metric Socket Set

-Kobalt Toolchest

-Multimeter and Accessories

-Anti Static Mat

-Soldering Iron and Electronic Tooling

-Assorted Hardware Kit

-Tap Set

-Custom Robot Support Blocks


A full list of tools included in the kit are available upon request



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