Window Breaker

Usually window breaking is a task for larger robots equipped with spring loaded center punches.  These devices require a large amount of force which smaller robot cannot apply.  The GI Squared Technologies window breaker allows operators of any size robot to break glass windows.  Using a modified auto hammer the robot simply pushes the device into the window and automatically activates the Auto Hammer to shatter the window. 

The device can break multiple windows on a single charge.  There are NO electrical connections needed between the tool and the robot.  Simply pick up the tool and push it up against the window you intend to break.  This device only requires 2 lbs. of force to activate, making it ideal for smaller robotic platforms. 

Key Features

-Minimal force required allowing small robots the ability to break glass

-No electrical connection to robot

-Drop the tool down range once glass is shattered

-Uses external battery source

-Device automatically activates when pushed into the glass conserving battery power














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