Door Stop - Open spring loaded doors in minutes

Q: How long does it take a skilled operator to get a robot through a spring loaded fire door?

A:  Too long, consuming precious time and battery power


GI Squared Technologies has developed a simple mechanical device that will allow any robot operator to overcome a spring loaded door in a matter of minutes.


Spring open the door stop and place it in your robots gripper. Clamp down on the device and it will stay open for deployment. Drive to the door you would like to open and place the device on the knob side of the door. Open the grippers and withdraw your arm. The magnetic base will snap to the door and hold the stop in place. Grab the door handle, twist and pull back on the handle to partially open the door. Once the door begins to open the spring loaded door stop will snap itself around the door. Once the door has been opened past 15 inches the system will be completely deployed. Release the handle and let the door close. Since the door stop has been deployed it will keep the door 15 inches open. Now bring your manipulator through the open door and swing the door out of your way. The door stop will also keep the door open for when you come back out of the building.

Key Features

-Open Spring Loaded Doors in Minutes

-Universal gripper mounts

-Holds door open after robot has passed through improving RF performance

-Push the door open when leaving the building








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