Rotation Activated Drill

Simply place the system in the gripper of your robot and proceed down range.  To activate the power tool, rotate the gripper 360 degrees clockwise and the motor will engage.  When you are done with your task, rotate the gripper counter-clockwise and the system will turn off.


Built in circuitry protects the tool from being damaged by stall currents.  If the tool goes into a stall condition the power is automatically shut off until the stall has been cleared.  Simply rotate the drill 360 degrees clockwise and the system will turn back on, allowing you to continue your mission. Interchangable gripper interface allows for cross functionality between Andros, ICOR and many more robots.

Key Features

-Rotate Gripper 360 degrees clockwise to activate the Drill

-No electrical connection to robot

-Drop the tool down range once cutting task is completed

-Uses external battery source

-Current protection to prevent damage to the tool when stalled













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